Unsung Heroes Of The Medical Profession

Everyone immediately thinks of doctors when they think about the medical profession. And they should; doctors after all save lives with their actions every day. However, they are not the only ones involved in the medical profession and they could never do their jobs as well if it weren’t for a whole host of supporting characters who rarely get the credit they are due.

Here is a look at the unsung heroes of the medical profession:

Figures in White

Nurses are no longer just women, and they don’t necessarily wear white anymore. It’s been a while since nurses wore white caps and aprons but whatever they wear now, they perform one of the strongest supportive functions in a hospital. The nurse has to wait at the doctor’s elbow, ever ready with a tray full of tools or medicines. They have to be trained in administering certain drugs, performing check-ups, giving out vaccinations and injections and be able to assist doctors in the operating theatre. They often work longer hours for lesser pay in jobs that require more physical effort than their superiors. Nurses are the ones who literally hold the light aloft at night, keeping vigil for their patients.

Therapists and Technicians

These individuals are even less recognized than nurses as they are often not seen by patients – unless something occurs to take a patient to them. They work quietly in their own rooms and among their own equipment. Most trusted Physiotherapist central to the recovery of accident victims sometimes receive the recognition they deserve, but what of X-ray technicians, lab technicians, speech therapists and other individuals who are in charge of rehabilitating a patient? In most cases, they are forgotten but their contribution is just as important to the recovery of a patient.

Cleanliness Next to Godliness

In addition to doctors, nurses and stretch therapist Hong Kong to recovery, where would hospitals be if it were not for the cleaners? In some countries, hospitals are so filthy that patients would be better off for staying home rather than going in. hospital cleaning crew face extremely unpleasant conditions, cleaning bed pans, toilets and bathrooms, corridors, surgical theatres and morgues to ensure that no bacteria linger behind to make any of the staff and personnel sick. Theirs is a thankless task, not the least because cleaning crews work ungodly hours for a godly purpose and few people ever lay eyes on them.

The next time that you bestow thanks on your doctor for helping you get better, spare a word and thought for everyone else whose combined efforts were responsible for making you healthy again. Acknowledge their efforts, in words at least, and show them that their actions have not gone unnoticed.